Creativity in Math?

Creativity_Lives_Here._--_Learning_CentreIn an earlier post, I mentioned a on creativity killers. This post spurred me to examine my own teaching strategies in a different light. Instead of simply determining whether my students know their stuff or not, I wanted to know whether the students leaving my class are prepared to be successful in a mathematical sense. Can they use mathematics in a creative way?

In examining my own teaching strategies, I began to realize that I might be stifling the creativity of my students. Many of you may think ofme as a project based learning type of guy who values the process of finding a solution to a problem. But I am also an online learning kind of guy who utilizes MyLabs by Pearson. This platform allows me to easily assess my students with a variety of question types. These questions emphasize a correct answer and not the process by which those answers are obtained. It is this “right answer” type of learningthat forced me to confront the creativity question. Do questions like these help my students solve mathematical problems creatively?

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Get Better…Now!

thinkerAt the end of each semester, I like to think about how the semester went. What did I do a good job with? How was my stress level during the semester? Did any project just bomb?

Immediately, a couple students who really got it come to mind. For a day or so, I can frolic in the feeling left by their success. Inevitably, it the students who did not do so well that stick with me. Or the assignment that seemed so intuitive that few students were able to complete it successfully.

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What’s In A Name?

Can you imagine the horror on the faces of my students when I tell them that they will work with other students in my class? What is even worse, they will be graded on this work? And it is a large portion of their overall grade in the class! The horror!

On the surface you might think of a math class as a course ripe for teaching by lecture format. There are a lot of concepts to get through and many examples to see worked out. Without my brilliant lectures, how on earth are they to succeed in such a demanding course?

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Use a Blog to Help Teach Your Math Class (Part 5)

laptop_02In Part 3 of this series, I demonstrated how easy it is to upload an image file to WordPress. For a mathematics teacher like myself, most of these images files are images of equations or graphs. In this post I want to go into more detail on how I capture these images using a screen capture utility called . Although there are many screen capture apps out there, Snagit is my favorite even though it is not free.

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Use a Blog to Help Teach Your Math Class (Part 4)


In the first post in this series, we briefly looked at what a theme is and what it does for your blog. Simply put, a theme in WordPress controls the overall look and how information is presented on a blog. The screenshot above shows several themes produced by WordPress. Each year, the organization produces a new theme. By picking a theme from this set, you can be guaranteed that it will be compatible with WordPress and any future upgrades to WordPress.

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