Use a Blog to Help Teach Your Math Class (Part 3)

As a mathematics teacher, iy all begins and ends with how easy it is to put math into a blog. If it is cumbersome to get it online, it is a no go. If it is unattractive, it is a no go. If some types of math are not available, it is a no go.

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Use a Blog to Help Teach Your Math Class (Part 2)

blog_keyboardSo you have created your first post and are thinking about how you might use a blog in your class. What is possible?

First of all, let’s get something straight. A blog is simply a way of publishing information on the Internet. Using a platform like WordPress, you can publish an entire website that is attractive and useful to your users. This might not be what you think when you hear the word “blog”. The reason for this is that blogs are often use as a reflective tool to publish the author’s thoughts and ideas. There are thousands of blogs online discussing almost every topic imaginable.

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Use a Blog to Help Teach Your Math Class (Part 1)

blog_keyboardBefore I tell you about how you might use a blog in the classroom, let’s look at one of the easiest ways you can put your toe into the warm blog waters. There are several blog platforms available. Some require a web hosting plan, but two of the most popular do not and are free.

My personal favorite is WordPress. It offers a free beginners website that allows you to try out many of its features. If you desire more features, you can purchase a web hosting plan and install WordPress on that host. On most hosting plans, installing WordPress software is free . A WordPress installation on your own hosting service adds flexibility and allows you to use a wide array of tools to customize how your blog looks.

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Regression Using Google Sheets

sheets_reg_01Like other spreadsheets, Google Sheets may be used to find a regression model for data. Following a few simple steps, we can graph a set of data in a scatter plot and find the corresponding model.

Suppose we have the demand data show in the table below.

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Sony’s “The Interview” Math Problem

In December of 2014, Sony released the movie The Interview online after threats to theaters cancelled the debut in theaters. As originally reported in Wall Street Journal, the sales figures reported in January contained an interesting math problem appropriate for algebra students.

The following January, Sony reported sales of $31 million from the sales and rentals of The Interview. They sold the movies online for $15 and rented through various sites for $6. If there were 4.3 million transactions, how many of the transaction were sales of the movie and how many of the transactions were rentals?

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